Airport Welcome

We are aware how stressing moving abroad, changing your home and job can be. For us it is very important that you feel safe, at home, and accepted in Bulgaria. This is why we will welcome you at the airport or at your hotel and make sure that you have everything you need for a smooth transition. We will also plan all the future steps of your relocation so that we satisfy all of your requirements.

Immigration, Registration Services and Work Permits

We have experience with the local administrative procedures and laws and will assist you with everything from acquiring an entry visa and residence permits to completing and submitting your immigration documents. We make sure that this is done in an efficient way – saving your time and money. Our services include:

Assistance in Acquiring Work Permit for Bulgaria

If you are from a country outside of the EU in order to work legally in Bulgaria you would need a Work Permit. There are different types of work permits, depending on your qualifications, degrees, job position, and we can help you with all of them.

We start with a thorough consultation, discussing your case and the best possible option for you or your company. After that we proceed with the application process, the collection, preparation and legalization of documents. You forget about going to and waiting in front of institutions, and we handle all the communication on your behalf.

What is included?

  • Your personal relocation agent;

  • A list of all necessary documents and a detailed plan;

  • Completing the application and registration forms for the chosen work permit type on your behalf;

  • Providing translation;

  • Consultation on the labor contract so that it is compliant with the Bulgarian law and the requirements of the Labor Bureau;

  • Translation and legalization of your documents according to Bulgarian laws;

  • Submitting and receiving documents on your behalf;

  • Communication with the Ministry of Interior, Migration Directorate, the Labor Bureau, and the Employment Agency;

  • Writing the justification and conducting a market research when hiring a non EU citizen.

  • Assistance in Acquiring Visa type “D”

    After you have received your work permit, it is time to apply for a Visa type “D”. We will guide you through the process and help you collect all the necessary documents and answer the requirements.

    What is included?

  • A list of all necessary documents and a detailed plan;

  • Completing the application forms on your behalf;

  • Opening a bank account in a Bulgarian bank on your behalf;

  • Assistance in Acquiring Residence Permit

    Once you have come to Bulgaria, you would need to register and get your personal number and ID card. We will help you collect and legalize all the documents and fill in the administrative forms on your behalf. You will also accompany you to all government institutions and provide translation when necessary.

    What is included?

  • Your personal relocation agent;

  • A list of all necessary documents and a detailed plan;

  • Completing application and registration forms on your behalf;

  • Submitting and receiving documents on your behalf;

  • Full assistance in applying for residence permit;

  • Accompanying you to the administration and providing translation when needed;

  • Communication with the Ministry of Interior, Migration Directorate.

  • You don't see your case listed here? Do not hesitate to contact us , we encounter all kinds of unique situations every day and will be happy to help you.

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    Orientation Tour

    Are you interested in finding out which are the best places for business in Sofia? Or would you like to know where to go shopping, skiing or horse riding? Share with us what you’d like to see and we will arrange an orientation tour especially for you. We take it as our responsibility that you learn more about the health system, laws, transportation and all the specifics of living in Bulgaria so that your relocation goes without any problems.

    Home Search

    We’ll search for the most suitable real estates for yours and your family’s  needs. Our aim is to save your time by showing you only the options which are the most compatible with your criteria. We will inform you of the requirements in Bulgaria regarding renting and/or buying real estate, and we will arrange all the necessary documents, making sure that everything is correctly done. In case you need temporary accommodation we will present you with different options according to your preferences.

    School & Kindergarten Search

    We are certain that securing quality education for your children is one of your priorities. That is why we are prepared to give you all the necessary information for the educational and qualification opportunities that Bulgaria has to offer. We can accompany you to the schools and universities that best match your needs and introduce you to the place and the system. When you choose the right place for your child, we will assist you in preparing the documents, getting ready for the entry test and the application process.

    Settling-in Services

    We will make your setting-in a piece of cake by helping you choose the best Internet, TV providers, give you information on heating options for your home, and provide you with more details about different kind of services in Bulgaria. If you need a cleaning firm, a nanny, any kind of service, including legal advice or help in opening a bank account - Moving Turtles  will assist you in finding the right firm to meet your expectations. We are also prepared to advice you on insurance in Bulgaria. The settling in services include:

  • Property take over;

  • Utility registrations;

  • Opening a Bank account;

  • Organization of insurance;

  • Moving –in services;

  • Tenancy Management

    We are aware how difficult it may be to find a reliable handyman or a cleaning company when you are new in town. We also know how hard it can be to move away from Sofia, leaving your flat without anyone to take an eye on it.

    Whether you are in Sofia and need assistance in maintaining your flat or you are an expatriate no longer living in Bulgaria who owns a flat - we’ve got you covered. You can forget about boring landowners meetings and constantly worrying that something may have happened to your property. We offer a subscription based programs suited to your needs or one-time engagements.

    We will provide assistance in:

  • Finding trustworthy, qualitative maintenance (cleaning, repairs or anything else you need);

  • Supervising the process in case repairs are needed;

  • Weekly/monthly checks on your property to make sure everything is in order;

  • Paying fees on your behalf;

  • Opening and closing utility accounts;

  • Assisting in selling or renting your property;

  • Representing you at landowners meetings.

  • Move-out Services

    Everything has its end and we are ready to welcome it with you by making sure that you continue your journey as easy as you have begun it. We take care of:

  • Terminations of contracts;

  • Property hand-back;

  • Termination of rental contract;

  • Security deposit retrieval;

  • Organization of moving company and Renovation Company if needed.